Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reading 1/9 and An Overdue Update

Dear Neglected Blog,

I'm sorry I have not written for you in so long. I have been busy working on my book this year, and sadly that means that any personal/working time I have must go to that. I've never been good at short, perky blog posts either, so the longer I wait before updating you, the more of a "serious" task it seems to become. I wish this wasn't the case. I do, in fact, enjoy many aspects of social media (Facebook! 'Find me on Facebook', where I also have goals of updating my Heart Radical page much more often than I do, but where I can more reliably be found popping up regularly via my personal page). Alas, the whole motherhood/SAHM/writing/lack-of-time conundrum still plagues me (see any number of old posts from the last three years that I'm too lazy to hyperlink here).

Anyway, I did want to tell you that I am taking part in the It's About Time Writer's Reading Series at the Ballard Library next Thursday. The reading will go from 6:00 to 7:45. The first twenty minutes will be a "writer's craft" talk. It's free. I would love to see you there, and if you are there and I haven't met you personally, I would love to meet you! (You can go to the link to learn about the series, but the 2014 calendar is not up yet. You can find them on Facebook to see who else will be reading that night.)

I will confess, I still don't know what I am going to read at said reading, but I always love the way a reading makes me go back into my old work, start reading it aloud, refining it, thinking about how to condense a 20 page piece into 7, or otherwise hearing my words again for the first time as I imagine how they will sound to others. I am rusty. I need to practice. I learned this during my time as a Jack Straw writer: the importance of practice. So this reading will be good for me. I will probably read something that I've never published or read aloud before to an audience, since that would describe the bulk of my work. It will be from my forthcoming book. I am now searching for an agent again, finally. An update on this process should also be forthcoming here. Not to mention a New Year's deep reflections (or glorified to-do list) type post. But it ain't gonna happen. Not today, and maybe not for several weeks as I continue to attend to the most immediate tasks before me: planning for spring workshops (stay tuned!), the editing and querying, and, of course, as always, the never-ending domestic multi-tasking of motherhood.

Deep sigh. It's been a kind of funky day. But I wasn't going to go off on a tangent here. This was just going to be a short perky post to tell you about the reading next week! Not an online journal entry, because OF COURSE my blog posts are NEVER like that.

Anyway. Where was I? Blog, I miss you. I want to update you. Make you fancy and new and appealing.

Also, did I mention I AM OPEN TO WORK WITH A COUPLE MORE PEOPLE ONE-ON-ONE? Especially during these next few months. All kinds of options regarding what that could look like/feel like are available. More on that soon here, too (to entice you), but for now, I will simply put it out there to the blogosphere universe, and hope that if someone's meant to hear it, they will. 

So... stay tuned for updates. I'm still trying to confirm venues for workshops, but I'm looking to do a one-day "Writing Compassion" workshop in February, AND a six-week "flash nonfiction" workshop starting in April. 

Sending love,



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