On Anne Liu Kellor’s Writing Workshops:

"You have an incredible ability to honor each person's experience and comments AND keep discussions respectful and in balance. You have a gift, and I'm glad I got to witness & benefit from it." - Jill Rivera Greene

“Anne Liu Kellor is a one-of-a-kind workshop leader and teacher. Her method is deep and personal. She encouraged me to go to the sacred places where my writing was hiding. Writers at any level would benefit by working with her.” - Patty Kinney

“Anne is the kind of person who's presence inspires a feeling of belonging and safety. I did some of my best writing while participating in her classes. She somehow managed to pull the important stories out of me, and then inspired me to do the work of turning them into pieces of writing I was proud of.”  - Margie Schubert

"Anne is a master of her craft and wise and compassionate in her leading of other writers. I treasure her feedback on my writing."  -Genine Bradwin

“I appreciated your energetic preparation before class; your attention to each writer’s material which encouraged us to go farther and dig deeper into what we were trying to say; your ability to listen with care for what was behind the words on the page.” - Jeanne Lohmann

 “Anne is very compassionate and accessible as a teacher, and used a great variety of exercises to stimulate the students' creativity and give us fresh angles from which to approach subjects near and dear to us.” –Galen Hemmann

"Anne Liu Kellor's class introduced me to two things I think are highly important to anyone hoping to improve their writing in a workshop setting: the value of a positive atmosphere and the importance of exercise in building your writing muscles. She's both an encouraging and an honest teacher; you take away from her class not only loads of ideas about your own work, but about the craft of writing in general." – Josh Parish

“You create an environment where heart-felt encouragement and acceptance allows writers to face the crystalline honesty that hides beneath our words.  Your classes are a spa for the writer's soul.” – Lee Graves

On Working with Anne as a Writing Mentor:

“If you want someone to dot your I's and cross your T's, hire a proofreader. If you want someone to take you deeper into your own work -- so you know where it sings, where it wants more from you, and why any of your words matter, work with Anne.” - Shelley Kirk-Rudeen
“Someone once told me that every writer needs an angel—a bright and penetrating being who spares neither criticism nor support. I'm happy to say that Anne Liu Kellor fits that description. After years of trying to establish and sustain a daily writing discipline, with Anne’s support and encouragement, I produced more writing than I have in years, and wrote with more self-confidence than I ever have.
            Anne is a great critic: thorough and perceptive. She pays attention to the bones, muscles and heart, as well as to the skin and surface of a piece of writing. Her comments and criticism are always to the point. Most importantly, her critiques do not come from “on high,” but are collegial and celebratory. As a fellow writer, she celebrates the courage it takes to sit before a blank page and write as well and as honestly as one can. I share this feeling with others who have worked with Anne: She is an inspiration!”   - Keith Eisner

“Anne’s mentoring style is accepting of personal nuances while always bringing me back to task. Her feedback is timely and extensive. Her suggestions are always gentle, astute, thoughtful and thought provoking. ” – Eileen McGorry

“I have worked off and on with Anne for the past two years. She has skillfully guided me in creating a stronger and more succinct voice, while generously providing me with useful feedback and commentary. Anne is a creative and thoughtful writer and teacher. She is a pleasure to work with.” – Darcie Richardson

“Working with Anne has broadened my knowledge and my willingness to uncover my past and learn from it through the written word. As my mentor, she has gracefully and graciously offered insight into my words and writing process. My writing is getting stronger and deeper and now holds more meaning.  Anne is a delightful teacher who is approachable, honest, and highly respectful, not only of us fellow writers, but also of our words and memories.” – Karen Skelton


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